At Elevate Volleyball, our goal is to provide the most efficient training possible to our athletes.

We are a Florida Region Gold Seal Volleyball CLub


The mission of Elevate is to support and encourage our athletes and coaches in their pursuit for excellence in volleyball. By bringing high level technical training to the Trinity area, Elevate strives to teach players the value of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership giving every athlete the opportunity to be the best they can be on and off the volleyball court.


  • Focus on developing players for their high school and college careers
  • Provide a high level of technical training for players on three levels: Body, Mind & Heart
  • Ensure all players understand and are capable of all aspects of volleyball
  • Expose athletes to collegiate volleyball programs through recruiting efforts


The coaches at Elevate emphasize development of the long-term athlete therefore we work individually with each athlete, to determine and develop their long-term goals.

Elevate focuses on making each athlete the best volleyball player they can be because of this players have increased practice opportunities through extra practice sessions and our open practice policy. In practices coaches concentrate on maximum number of touches of the ball using game-like situations.